KHAYAAL ART, as the name suggests, is the IMPRINT of IMAGINATION the varying forms- the ever-changing desires of designs with the multiplicity of people and places, bringing beauty to the void and how inspirational one's personality can be are truly traced to where one prefers to live and be seen living - in an environment of creativity!

Every man is a reflection of one's society. Beautify it and look more beautiful than the objects that you project your personality through!!

KHAYAAL ART brings that beauty to your home, office or work place or to your place of leisure that you fervently want to share with your family and friends!!! For the beautiful people, who wants to make a difference and to make the world look all the more beautiful!!!!

For a variety of object-de-art and eco-friendly products, KHAYAAL ART offers :

  • Master Sculptures Unique tree trunk sculptures by NEELU CHACHRA, the President of Khayaal Art.
  • The one kind of Murals Neelu's creativity of Wall Decors
  • Contemporary Paintings erotic, abstract and objective
  • Garden Decors and Accessories A full range in Sculpted Terracota, Ceramics, Wood, Stone and Metal
  • Big and Small Size Terracota Pottery
  • Jewellery
    Designer Jewellery Customized Jewellery
    Victorian Jewellery
    Fashion Jewellery
  • Semi-precious and Agate Stone Jewellery
  • Beads, Pendants and other jewellery accessories.

Undertakes design and manufacturing of artifacts as per customer-design within our studios and workshops manned by village artisans. We are a Creative Unit Supported by a cluster of villages with bulk manufacturing facilities at different locations in and around AHMEDABAD, making them self-supportive and to live with respectability and pride. Your requirements, either small or big, can be conveniently sourced through KHAYAAL ART.

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E-103, Kamdhenu Complex, Ambawadi
Phone : + 91-79-26302215
Fax : + 91-79-26306325
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